Art By MFB
Marie Françoise Bonduaeux

About the Artist

Marie Françoise Bonduaeux - Art By MFBMarie Françoise Bonduaeux is a self-taught artist.

Born in Arras, France, Marie Françoise spent years working with her husband in their professional photo-lab in Paris. There she was in contact with renown photographers and artists and develop an appreciation for all the images and colors surrounding her professional life.

She later moved to the US in Miami and then started painting. Marie Françoise moved  now to San Francisco with her husband.
She is finding her inspiration in the beautiful landscapes and colors of South Florida and the French Riviera and now also Northern California while listening to Caribbean music or the rhythms of African artists.

Painting for her is a passion, and she is attracted by colors, shapes, natural materials and music.
Once she starts painting, the world can fall apart around her. Her painting sessions accompanied by loud music, often last very late into the night.
She can spend hours surrounded by imaginary worlds that take life into her paintings.

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